We are a leading R&D company working with natural ingredients with an aim for green life based on the company philosophy to realize the ideals of LOHAS, a social wellbeing community.

We produce and supply products including cosmetics, food, detergents, household items, and eco-friendly agricultural materials with raw materials we develop on our own.

We started a new trend in the Korean and overseas cosmetics markets by launching an air-massage cosmetic device (Miracle B&B720 Series) as well as functional cosmetics that are highly effective for wrinkle minimization, skin tone improvement,  etc. that are based on fermented plant-based peptides we developed for the first time in the world.


Here are the directions to Pinebio in detail.


Headquarters: #201, 641-6 Saimdang-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
(Daejoen-dong, Gangneung Science & Industry Promotion Agency, Marine Bio Industry Support Center)

Company Phone Number & E-mail Address

Tel: +82-33-647-3191 / Fax: +82-33-647-3192

By car (8.4km from Gangneung Toll Gate)

Youngdong Highway → Gangneung Toll Gate → To Gangneung → Left turn at the overpass after passing Youngdong University → Follow the road sign and go straight to Gangneung Science & Industry Promotion Agency

By express bus

Gangneung Express Bus Terminal → Taxi (driving time: about 15 to 20 minutes)