Miracle B&B 720 Cutie

A new concept-based cosmetics and dedicated equipment developed by Pinebio
Various cosmetic results such as wrinkle minimization, moisturization and firming up

Description of System Configuration and Functions

This innovative, new concept-based cosmetics and dedicated equipment allow users to instantly check various cosmetic results such as anti-wrinkle and moisturization using the Miracle B&B 720 Cutie System, a dedicated airbrush
system that directly sprays the anti-wrinkle and moisturization functional cosmetic ampoule developed by Pinebio to the user’s face, neck, feet, hands or whole body.

Major Configuration and Features

Dedicated compressor

Oil-free, low-noise and highly-durable type

Automatic air-pressure control device

A safety device for constant air pressure


Ampoule sprayer

Product dimension

220(W) x 260(L) x 155(H)



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