Miracle B&B 720

A new concept-based cosmetics and dedicated equipment developed by Pinebio
Various cosmetic results such as wrinkle minimization, moisturization and firming up

Major Configuration and Features

Dedicated compressor

Oil-free and low noise type, high durability, large volume air production capacity
(2 or more air-guns can be used simultaneously.)

Air tank

Releases air with constant air pressure

Apparatus for converting water into water with magnetized hexagonal-construction properties

Activates the electrolyte ions in Cleopine Ampoule for maximum absorption into skin

Nano-silver anion-generating device

Generates anions through electrolysis of nano-silver catalyst

Auto air pressure control device

Safety device for constant air pressure

Air spray gun

Ampoule spraying device

Built-in dedicated PCB

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* Caution: Use special caution to protect yourself from fake products or imitations.
Cases of fake products and imitations: there are cases of other products explaining similar operating principles and features of Pinebio’s product with upgraded functionalities, or packaged under another brand.