Solhyang fresh

Eco-friendly air freshener from nature, made with pine tree extract!
Goodbye to sick-house syndrome and bad toilet odor.
Non-toxic antibacterial natural deodorizer


Deodorizing function that targets the root cause of bad odor when the product is directly sprayed over the offending area. Can also be diluted with water and sprayed over the floor.
99.99% anti-bacterial function as well as deodorizing function (general germs, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.)
Differs in product quality from existing products that contain synthetic, chemical perfumes.
No stickiness.
No lingering chemical smell (After deodorization, the scent disappears. No headache.)

Product Information

Product Name: Solhyang fresh
Category: Household items/ Antibacterial deodorizer
Capacity: 450ml / 1000ml
Purpose of Use: Deodorization (removal of bad odors), antibacterial function, removal of fabric odors, removal of pet odors, etc.
Major Ingredients: Extracts of Fermented Ingredients Sourced from Nature, Organic Deodorizing Ingredients, Phytoncide, Alkaloid, Pycnogenol, Terpene, Etc.