Solhyang Scrub Beauty gel

Attention! Anybody with inflammatory skin!
Eco-friendly scrub gel created by nature!
A gel-type salt-scrub made with the highest-grade mineral salt and pine tree phytoncide


A functional salt-scrub gel developed for the first time in the world
Salt dissolves well in water, and the saturation point of salt is about 25%. Conversely, if the saline concentration is over 25%, it will crystallize again
The technological property of this product we achieved for the first time in the world allows maintenance of the gel form of salt contained in our beauty gel, where the 28% concentration is over the saturation point.
Can be used in a hot bath, sauna, korean-style health spa, etc.
After applying the product over the whole body or body part with dead skin cells or the abdomen, shoulders, arms, legs, etc., massage the applied areas sufficiently.
Enter a place with heating source such as hot bath, sauna, Korean-style health spa.
(The amount of sweating increases twice the amount than usual.)
Rinse off the product in the shower after sweating. Used for the purpose of skin care, such as the removal of dead skin cells and skin waste.
For effective removal of dead skin cells or skin waste, or improvement of inflammatory skin, take a shower after massaging the product over the whole body, scalp, etc.

Product Information

Product Name: Solhyang Scrub Beauty gel
Category: Household items / Scrub gel
Capacity: 250ml
Purpose of Use: Scrub gel, sweating effect, sea water bath effect, etc.
Major Ingredients: Fermented Pine Loess Water and Mineral Salt